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Well, it’s out.

Our latest set of short stories offering visions of a world where history took another path is now available on Kindle (UK and USA).

So far we’ve had one review “Excellent, love short stories , particularly enjoyed Steve Wilson, wanted more! ”



Can you write alternative history? A story like “Bring the Jubilee“, or “The Two Georges“.

e-bshop is inviting submissions to a new collection of short stories to be published in  Summer 2014.

1, Each story must involve some change in actual history; for example Boudicca’s rebellion against the Roman Empire succeeded, or the South won the American Civil War.

2, The story must be set in the altered timeline, after the critical event which changed history.

3, The story must be centred on a plot which depends on that altered world. Preference will be given to stories which depict the human culture and morality of the changed timeline in an interesting and realistic way.

4, The story must accompanied by a serious and researched explanation of how the change could have happened (Boudicca did not commit the error of facing Roman troops headon, the Trenton affair brought Britain into the American Civil War on the Confederate side.)

Maximum length up to 7000 words.

The accepted stories will be published by e-bshop on Kindle. Contributers will receive an equal share of 50 % of the profit after Kindle charges.

Send submissions to editor@e-bshop.co.uk by 31 May 2014 in WORD format.



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