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We are dedicated to helping aspiring authors to produce works of fiction which are gripping, well written and contribute towards a better world.

We publish fiction in e-book format, in a wide range of genre. We look for novels and short stories which have a strong plot, well developed characters and which readers will find difficult to put down.

For all the budding authors amongst you, in addition to our book sales, we offer, on our website free of charge, a writing development course to bring out “the book within”. We also seek to forge relationships with ambitious and innovative authors whose writing is tasteful and valued by the popular readership to join us on our Writers’ Forum Facebook Page.

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Brighten up Winter Evenings

There’s no better ways to brighten up a winter’s evening than to read a good book. Although our two latest are guaranteed to grip you, we have many more which will transport you into travel, fantasy and adventure. You can be sure that e-bshop’s books will always hold your attention. Find our full list, which […]

The Celebration

In our latest book, the author of “The Celebration”, boldly tackles the story of people caught up in an act of terrorism. The author, James Roberts, has used eye witness accounts of this actual event to construct his tale and to show how such events can be endured and how those involved can find healing. It’s not until […]

Twists of Romance

You must read our anthology of romances with a difference. Although written by five authors, four of the stories are by Eric Witchey and it is he who heads the list of authors. It was published this week and is for sale in the Amazon/Kindle bookstore. These romances take place in a variety of settings, […]

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