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One of our most prolific authors, Malcolm Cowen, is a freelance software designer living in Manchester, UK, who loves life and what he is doing. To put it in his own words, “I should have retired but can’t be bothered. Why stop when you’re still having fun?”
When he’s not building websites he writes stories, mainly science fiction or fantasy, together with some poetry and translations from Welsh.  If you want to find out more about him, look at www.ebook.cowensw.co.uk.

Malcolm has had two novels, “Lady of Foxdale” and “Daughter of the King”, published on Kindle, and a collection of short stories, “Ghosts, Trolls and Werewolves”, besides other short stories, published along with a collection of various authors.  All are planned to be available in hardback shortly.
He is now working on his next book, “Aftermath”, which follows the story of the survivors of a global pandemic, and how they rebuild their lives. It is due to be released soon, in instalments and in a beta version, on the e-bshop website. Malcolm would value your comments and contributions.

Malcolm has also had a couple of scifi whodunit audio scripts recorded by Levenshulme Players (www.levenshulmeplayers.co.uk) and broadcast on local radio.

Malcolm’s preference is for hard sf with detailed alternative cultures.  He says, “I’m more interested in people than in bug-eyed monsters. After all the people are usually more dangerous!”


Have you ever felt you needed to be all alone – to enjoy for a while the total solitude of your own thoughts? But what would it be like if you woke one morning to find that you were the only one alive and that everyone around were dead? Would solitude be quite as welcome then?

That is the prospect of the characters in Malcolm Cowen’s new book who have survived a highly infectious virus which killed almost all the population of the world. Only a few are left and, as they seek to come to terms with their fate, they search for others who may also have survived.

This book of short stories is to be published, on our website, over the next few months, in regular instalments and you will be invited to read them and, if you wish, to contribute your own story which will be eventually be published on the Amazon site to be read on Kindle.


When the idea for electronic books was born (over 20 years ago) many readers insisted they loved paper books and would never change. Consequently, it has taken a long time to develop the electronic reader which finally became popular.

Like all our modern technology, there have been sceptics, some of them actually in the trade and destined to profit from its popularity, who denounced new inventions. But what is nicer than to relax in front of the fire, wine glass in hand, enjoying one of the millions of books for sale on the Amazon, Kindle site. Even better, the reader has finished the book on a rainy Saturday evening and can order their next book immediately, rather than wait until Monday morning.

The books published by e-bshop are all exciting fiction and for sale on the Amazon website for the Kindle reader. Try our latest, “The Tanists Wife”, which is an anthology of short stories in the alternative history genre or, if you prefer a novel, “Beyond Romes Reach”. Samples of both these books are available to read, free of charge, on our website site. If you’ve not already bought your Kindle, get into the modern world and use the technology which will enable you to enjoy your favourite pastime.



We’re now on Facebook and our page is being managed by Irene who has re-designed our logo with a stunning blend of colours. We want to create a lively discussion on the nature of Christian literature and provide a forum for writers of all genres, be it fact or fiction. It’s to be an opportunity to ask for a critique of your work and to help others by providing useful hints on how to improve their writing techniques. So, don’t forget to contact us on Facebook. You may find something interesting and helpful. And we’d love to hear your ideas.


e-bshop has just republished the book of short stories, “Ghosts Trolls and Werewolves” by Malcolm Cowen with an exciting new addition. It is a vampire story with a difference. The author, Malcolm Cowen, who has written many plays and stories for local radio and amateur drama groups, is an expert on the original. His capacity to take ancient myths and to convert them into a new and unexpected setting is so outstanding that one is left asking, “Did this really happen?”

“Ghosts Trolls and Werewolves” is now for sale on the Amazon, Kindle website for the amazing price of $2.99. Read a Sample


Beyond Romes Reach, has been republished with an eye catching new cover and a historical commentary.

This exciting saga of Callum, a Celt who was captured by the Romans and taken to Rome as a slave, has all the hall marks of a good read. It’s romantic, graphic, full of suspense and all within a sound historical framework. The reader is taken from a Roman occupied Britain to follow the exploits and fortunes of a Celtic slave who is not only determined to survive but to wreak vengeance on the Romans who have destroyed his family. Read a sample.

From Escoffier to Today

A couple of days ago, I went to a talk by Karen Blumensaadt-Stoeckley who is the great-granddaughter of Axel M. Blumensaadt. Alex studied under the famous Auguste Escoffier, culinary master extraordinaire. When Karen was 18 years old, she rummaged through an old, handmade chest in her grandparents’ attic and found a leger full of old recipes, almost 100 years’ old. This find inspired her to translate these into modern English and, along with Max Callegari, write the extraordinary recipe book, “A Culinary Legacy”, in which 100 year old recipes are modified for a 21st century cook. As we live in Provence, France, I’m particularly interested in Provencal dishes. Consequently, I look forward to cooking a meal which was created 100 years ago for my next dinner party.

As writers we are always looking for inspiration and find it pops up in the most unexpected places. We can find inspiration in magazines, newspapers, stories told by friends, hearsay, personal dramas, sport and many others. Who would have thought a dusty old attic would contain the inspiration for a renowned recipe book? It’s what appeals to you that counts – inspiration comes from your response to, sometimes, a very ordinary situation or fact. It forms an idea and this, in turn, creates your plan for a book. The world is full of inspiration and your individuality can capture and use it.

Happy hunting!


Well, it’s out.

Our latest set of short stories offering visions of a world where history took another path is now available on Kindle (UK and USA).

So far we’ve had one review “Excellent, love short stories , particularly enjoyed Steve Wilson, wanted more! ”



Can you write alternative history? A story like “Bring the Jubilee“, or “The Two Georges“.

e-bshop is inviting submissions to a new collection of short stories to be published in  Summer 2014.

1, Each story must involve some change in actual history; for example Boudicca’s rebellion against the Roman Empire succeeded, or the South won the American Civil War.

2, The story must be set in the altered timeline, after the critical event which changed history.

3, The story must be centred on a plot which depends on that altered world. Preference will be given to stories which depict the human culture and morality of the changed timeline in an interesting and realistic way.

4, The story must accompanied by a serious and researched explanation of how the change could have happened (Boudicca did not commit the error of facing Roman troops headon, the Trenton affair brought Britain into the American Civil War on the Confederate side.)

Maximum length up to 7000 words.

The accepted stories will be published by e-bshop on Kindle. Contributers will receive an equal share of 50 % of the profit after Kindle charges.

Send submissions to editor@e-bshop.co.uk by 31 May 2014 in WORD format.



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