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We are dedicated to helping aspiring authors to produce works of fiction which are gripping, well written and contribute towards a better world.

We publish fiction in e-book format, in a wide range of genre. We look for novels and short stories which have a strong plot, well developed characters and which readers will find difficult to put down.

For all the budding authors amongst you, in addition to our book sales, we offer, on our website free of charge, a writing development course to bring out “the book within”. We also seek to forge relationships with ambitious and innovative authors whose writing is tasteful and valued by the popular readership to join us on our Writers’ Forum Facebook Page.

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Uplifting Entertainment

Some of you will be wondering if you’ll be able to go on holiday this year. Whether at home or abroad, you can enjoy our selection of novels. Although, we sell ebooks for the Amazon Kindle Bookstore, we also love watching good films which are uplifting rather than abusive. We’re wondering if any of you feel […]

Journey of a Lifetime

During an Alpha Course, which was organised for the English speaking residence in France, it was evident that new believers find the Bible an overwhelming book to read. Thus it was decided to write a short paperback, giving a bird’s eye view of the books, themes and purpose for which the Bible was written. Isobel […]

Why A Cruel Cross by Elizabeth S Mason

All have strayed and all are lost, Sadly Jesus bore the cost; In His own body on the tree, He deeply suffered for you and me. Lloyd Mason “He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the chosen one.”’ Today we also may ask, why didn’t Jesus, God the Son, save […]

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