Neighborhood Tales

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“Neighborhood Tales” by E. E. Marshall has just been published. It’s a must for a relaxed evening in front of the fire, a holiday in the sun and those times when you want to drain away the tension of the day. It depicts a variety of characters, young and old, their lives and their aspirations.

Lady of Foxdale

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"Lady of Foxdale" by Malcolm Cowen Mary wished for a new life. She found herself in a new world and in the middle of a struggle for survival against an aggressive empire. This is a story of romance and danger, facing down a tyrant in the midst of war.       available on Amazon […]


Beyond Romes Reach

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"Beyond Romes reach" by Margaret Blakemore   Callum, a proud and fierce warrior, is taken from his homeland and transported to Rome as a slave. There his hatred of the Romans fuels a rebellion against the might of the legions which results in a counter attack against his enemies. When Callum, an ancient Celt, is […]


Cares of Tomorrow

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"Cares of tomorrow" by Annelie Graham On holiday in Cairo, Katie stops to buy a bag at a wayside souk and becomes hostage to a gang of rebels. Her will to survive and the efforts of her friends provide the basis of this gripping story. Katie and Jessica, on holiday in Egypt, are spending the […]


The tanist’s wife

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"The Tanist's wife" by Malcolm Cowen   What would the world be like if some great event in history had never taken place or had taken a different course? A different decision made or the untimely death of someone else? These short stories depict a world which has taken a different course. They explore scenarios […]


Daughter of the King

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  “Daughter of the king” by Malcom Cowen Six years ago she defied the tyrant and hanged his son for murder. Now the father wants revenge and she is the prisoner of a man with no pity. This is a story of romance and intrigue in an empire ruled by a ruthless despot.     […]


Hearts of Oak

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"Hearts of Oak" by Margaret Blakemore   Thomas, a young country lad, is returning home with his father. To their horror, a group of sailors arrive in a small boat and Thomas is press-ganged into the navy to face Nelson’s onslaught. Understandably, his life is dramatically changed. This incredible story, whose author is from a […]


The White Sash (8-10 yo)

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"The White Sash" by Prue Phillipson The Ward twins are never apart. Lottie helps Carrie in everything because she was brain-damaged at birth. Lottie’s one fear is that they will be separated. To prevent this, she records her fears into an exciting story about “Princess-land”. Suddenly the stories start coming to life in a terrifying […]



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"Sundog" by Isobel Mason From the vast expanse of the African bush to rural Yorkshire, a curse dogs Ann and Richard as they struggle to rebuild their life together. This gripping story explores the differences in diverse people and cultures and the entanglements which ensue. In the aftermath of a brutal attack, Ann tries to […]