Beyond Romes Reach

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 Callum, a proud and fierce warrior, is taken from his homeland and transported to Rome as a slave. There his hatred of the Romans fuels a rebellion against the might of the legions which results in a counter attack against his enemies.When Callum, an ancient Celt, is taken to Rome as a slave, he is […]


Daughter of the King

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 “Daughter of the king” by Malcom CowenSix years ago she defied the tyrant and hanged his son for murder. Now the father wants revenge and she is the prisoner of a man with no pity. This is a story of romance and intrigue in an empire ruled by a ruthless despot.   File Size: 767 KB Print […]


Hearts of Oak

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 Thomas, a young country lad, is returning home with his father. To their horror, a group of sailors arrive in a small boat and Thomas is press-ganged into the navy to face Nelson’s onslaught. Understandably, his life is dramatically changed.This incredible story, whose author is from a military family, depicts the life of a sailor […]


Love of Jessie

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“The Love of Jessie” by Prue Phillipson This heart warming and moving book depicts Jessie’s struggle to come to terms with loss and subsequent responsibility. During a raging storm her mother is washed away, leaving her family of small children to the uncertain care of her husband. Following the death of her mother, Jessie realises […]