Teething Problems

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Where are we going? I’ve asked this question of writers, publishers and editors. It seems there’s a very pessimistic view of the future of reading and book production. When ebooks came to the fore, we all said that this is the future of book production. I still believe that’s right but it’s having long term teething problems. […]


Neighborhood Tales

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“Neighborhood Tales” by E. E. Marshall has just been published. It’s a must for a relaxed evening in front of the fire, a holiday in the sun and those times when you want to drain away the tension of the day. It depicts a variety of characters, young and old, their lives and their aspirations.

New Publication

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Ghosts, Trolls and Werewolves has been republished with an exciting addition. “The Defender”, a new, previously unpublished story of the same genre is included in this unusual science fiction book. Like many of Malcolm’s stories, “The Defender” intrigues the reader until its last, unexpected ending. For sale in the Amazon/Kindle bookshop.  


Otto’s Story – Dilemma

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Aftermath tells the stories of those who survived a virulent plague which destroys 99.99% of the human race. They were written as part of a legacy to be passed onto future generations – so no-one forgot or lost remembrance of the old world. Otto’s story illustrates the issues to be faced with the rebuilding of a community.