End of the Spear

If films of pioneers who risk their lives in the pursuit of a God given vision are your choice, you’ll love “At the End of the Spear”. As the title suggests, the journey taken by the five men, Jim Elliott, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming and Roger Youderian was not for wimps. These men, driven by the desire to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Auca Indians of the Ecuadorian Jungle, paid for it by their lives.
The Indians amongst whom they worked were well known for their vicious ways and often indulged in inter-tribal warfare. They especially hated those “white Americans” whose lifestyle and culture posed an alarming threat. Never-the-less, the band of five, led by Jim Elliott, planned their approach carefully and, in January of 1956, arrived on the outskirts of the Indian village.
This documentary is as gripping as a fictional film as it traces the lives of the men and their families and gives eye witness accounts from the Indians who, finally, found their faith in Jesus Christ.
As you may have guessed, the death of the five was not the end as their wives, motivated by the same vision, went to the Indians and completed the task their husbands had died to fulfil.
There is much in this film which moved me but I mention just 3 incidents which were especially poignant. When the five men reached the Indian village, they radioed back to say that, if there were any fighting, no-one must defend them by killing the Indians. They would rather be killed themselves as they knew they were heading for Heaven but the Indians did not. Secondly, their wives, knowing the danger, completed the task their husbands had started. Thirdly, the children of these missionaries, built up deep and meaningful relationships with the converted Indians.
But, enough about the story, you must watch it for yourself . . .


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