Here’s one for the girls! Jennifer Lopez, who plays Slim, gives an outstanding performance as the cheated and beaten wife who metes out justice in her own spectacular way. Based on the novel, “Black and Blue”, a New York Times bestseller, this film grips the viewer from start to its thrilling finish.

Slim, a waitress in a Los Angeles diner, meets and marries Mitch. They have a daughter, Gracie, and initially enjoy a happy marriage. The trouble starts when she realises Mitch has been cheating on her. When she decides to leave him, Mitch is relentless in his search for her. He employs his henchmen to use any method they can to locate her and bring back his daughter. It’s a story which those who have known victimisation by unscrupulous males will enjoy. It may not appeal to all the men but my husband happened to enjoy it!

To be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime (by subscription) and for rent or buy on ITunes, Microsoft and Google Play.


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