Expectations by Gary Beck

Gary Beck has brought out his latest collection of poetry, entitled “Expectations”. Anyone who’s conversant with Gary’s work will know that he explores the paradoxes of our modern world, exposing the different facets of human nature. In this collection, his subjects cover travel, acceptance of the status quo, old age, materialism, war, science, culture and many other topics.

The poem which especially interested me was “Recon in Vietnam”. I can remember a time before our family owned a television. Now this phenomenon of entertainment and information dominates everyone’s living room. It takes us into unknown territories, provides us with danger and excitement and challenges our view of the world we live in. What I find quite dangerous is that one can see starvation, suffering and injustice which magically disappears at the press of a button. Is it fostering the belief that everything unpleasant can be terminated by an electronic impulse?

 Although Beck’s poems could be contentious, their tone is anything but abrasive. They contain a gentle but firm reminder that we must always look deeper than our accepted norms and resist the temptation to readily embrace the values that society thrusts upon us.



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