God’s Not Dead 2

God’s not Dead 2, the second film in a series of three, is directed by Harold Cronk and stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalf and David A. R. White. It tells the story of Grace Wesley, a Christian school teacher who is brought to trial for sharing her faith with a youngster in her history class. Her stand, throughout these trials, is an inspiration to all those who value the freedom to express what they believe to anyone who is prepared to listen.

I found the film gripping and, although 2 hours long, held my attention from the beginning to its dramatic conclusion. Grace Wesley is a woman who, despite the risk of losing her job, refuses to relinquish the right to express what she believes and demonstrates a profound faith in God. Melissa Hart, who played Grace Wesley, was raised a Roman Catholic. She says that, in her later life, she felt the need to discover God on a deeper level and desired to share her faith with others.

Jesse Metcalfe however, came to Christ later in life and both he and Melissa Hart are using their roles in “God’s Not Dead 2” to share their faith with others.

Have you any films or books to recommend? We’re looking for those which are uplifting and do not rely on distasteful imagery to achieve enjoyable entertainment.


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