Holiday in the Wild

If you’re an animal lover and want to see a really charming film, then “Holiday in the Wild” is the film for you. My sister-in-law, Brenda, who is entranced by elephants, sponsors their care in Africa. After viewing this film, I can see why.

It all starts when Kate arranges a second honeymoon in Zambia for her husband, Drew, and herself. Sadly, Kate is to travel alone as, without any explanation, Drew walks out on her. Yet determined to enjoy her holiday, Kate arrives in Lusaka and falls into conversation with Derek Hollistan, a man at the hotel. It is he who has been hired to fly her to the game reserve where she is to go on Safari. On the way, they find an abandoned baby elephant who begins a whole new chapter in Kate’s life.

To cut a long story short, Kate, who is a qualified vet, becomes involved in the rescue, nurture and repatriation of orphan elephants in the wild. It is no surprise to the viewer when her stormy relationship with Derek develops into a shared passion for the rescue of elephants. The question which now remains to be asked is, “Will Kate leave the elephant sanctuary and return to New York?” Derek expects she will but hopes otherwise

Directed by Emie Barbarash and produced by Brad Krevoy, “Holiday in the Wild” is distributed by Netflix. It stars Rob Lowe as Derek Hollistan and Kristin Davis as Kate Conrad.

This film explores relationships between husband and wife, mother and son and, most importantly, between animals and their human carers. It shows the respect and care each person holds for the other and the team work which is essential to the well being of the elephants. It’s well worth watching and may produce a few tears.


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