The Celebration

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In our latest book, the author of “The Celebration”, boldly tackles the story of people caught up in an act of terrorism. The author, James Roberts, has used eye witness accounts of this actual event to construct his tale and to show how such events can be endured and how those involved can find healing. It’s not until […]

The Future

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Obviously no-one can fully predict the future of the ebook or reading trends but we can consider various aspects which may influence them. Availability and price: When a product is mass produced, made readily available and cost effective, it becomes easy to sell. Car production in the 60s and 70s is an example of this. […]

Teething Problems

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Where are we going? I’ve asked this question of writers, publishers and editors. It seems there’s a very pessimistic view of the future of reading and book production. When ebooks came to the fore, we all said that this is the future of book production. I still believe that’s right but it’s having long term teething problems.

Neighborhood Tales

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“Neighborhood Tales” by E. E. Marshall has just been published. It’s a must for a relaxed evening in front of the fire, a holiday in the sun and those times when you want to drain away the tension of the day. It depicts a variety of characters, young and old, their lives and their aspirations.