Module Ten: Re-writing

Module Ten: Re-writing

Some writers prefer to perfect each chapter or section before moving onto the next. Others prefer to write the whole book and then revise it. Whatever suits you best, the following points will help to give your work polish.


  • Cut out superfluous words, paragraphs or even chapters. Reading onto a tape can be helpful.


  • Expand where necessary. A passage may not have been explained fully or the reader may need to be in possession of certain facts. Supply these.


  • Check that your reader is aware of time and place. It is often useful to write this clearly into your synopsis.


  • Make sure chapters end with a note of suspense or posing a question in the reader’s mind.


  • Check all facts carefully.


  • Let someone else read your work.


  • Points to avoid:



Uncertain viewpoint



When you’ve finished your novel, send a synopsis, along with 2 chapters to us if you wish us to consider publication.