Neighborhood Tales

“Neighborhood Tales” by E. E. Marshall has just been published. It’s a must for a relaxed evening in front of the fire, a holiday in the sun and those times when you want to drain away the tension of the day. It depicts a variety of characters, young and old, their lives and their aspirations.This delightful anthology of touching tales, many with a romantic theme, will enthral the most pragmatic of readers. It is E. E Marshall at his best. We travel from the rural communities of the United States of America to the Mediterranean island of Crete. We discover love and loyalty in family, between friends and lovers. We also discover the darker side to relationships – those relationships which were never destined to succeed. Marshall’s inspirational tales have appeared under several names in multiple genres on several continents. The author’s hope is that every tale brings a moment of hope and healing to each reader’s life


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  1. I read every one of this in two sittings. I have recommended them to friends. They left me feeling happy, and not much fiction does that now-a-days.


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