Nothing to Lose

This film, although entertaining and gripping, gives plenty of room for thought as it portrays a very controversial figure. The journey to success of Brazilian bishop, Edir Macedo, founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, was not an easy one. He encountered opposition all along the way, from both church leaders and political powers.

Edir Macedo, a man of simple faith who is driven by a vision to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, gives up his job and trusts God to provide financially for his family as he begins to preach, in the open air, to the people of Rio de Janeiro. The film traces his rise from rags to riches and anonymity to fame. Along the way, he encounters enormous obstacles which, by shear faith in God’s deliverance, are overcome.

It’s fruitless to speculate on the motives of all the players in this incredible drama, nor is it possible to understand how someone could excite both fierce opposition and absolute trust but, as a story, it illustrates the humanitarian passions which are stirred in response to faith. It also demonstrates the power of conviction when someone is sure of their Godly calling. However one judges Edir Macedo, one cannot fail to admire his conviction, perseverance and faith in God.

The film, directed by Alexandre Avancini and staring Petrônio Gontijo, Day Mesquita and Beth Goulart, was released in Portuguese in 2018 and can be seen in English on Netflix. It appears in two parts.


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