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Twists of Romance

Twists of Romance by various authors

Twists of Romance by various authors

These romances take place in a variety of settings, eras and dimensions.

The first, 'One Flesh' by Isobel Mason is of a couple who were born on the planet Anguilia but who are separated by the strange culture which has developed. They find that, to be free to love each other, they must travel back to Earth; the planet from which their forbears came.

The touching story, 'Her Hemp Purse' by Eric Witchey, shows how romance is still paramount, despite conditions of age and circumstance.

'Mirror of Souls' by Andrew Seddon, describes a love which spans the centuries and brings together lovers of different eras. It's a story of perseverance whose heroes refuse to give up until they are united with each other.

'The Treasure of Craig Denis Park' by Eric Witchey, depicts a lover who will never forget and guards his memoirs in a most unusual place.

'Time to Let Go' by Elliot Richard Dorfman, releases a lover who has lost and enables him to move on.

'In Solitudine Mors' by Andrew Seddon, tells of a love which cannot die. This story, like 'Time to Let Go' is in the genre of a ghost story.

Eric Witchey has written the intriguing tale entitled 'The Curtain' - a story of love which brings healing. It begins in the most unusual place and ends with an unexpected finale.

'Second Chance' by Isobel Mason, is a story which fits into the genre of alternative history. Not all of us have the chance to rectify bad decisions like the heroine of this tale.

'She Blossoms in Mine Tailings' by Eric Witchey, is another example of love which cannot let go and reaps its reward in the end, despite the obstacles.

Finally, 'The Fair Haired Boy' by Prue Phillipson, illustrates how patience and compassion can overcome the hugest obstacles in a difficult marriage.

'Twists of Romance' is not your usual romance, it's down to earth, persistent, unexpected and enduring.

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