Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible and is split into 22 sections which are named according to the Hebrew Alphabet. Although it is a long psalm, its theme is consistent throughout. The psalmist praises God’s laws and precepts and pours out his desire to learn and obey what God has commanded. The psalmist is certain that, to obey God’s law, one is able to fulfil a successful and meaningful life.

For this week’s Nightcap, Bob has chosen the verses 65-72, the section which is named “Teth”. He considers how this helps us to know God and his ways.

He emphasises the difference between rules of our making which, although they may be admirable, are insufficient for living the life God has chosen for us. He encourages us all to learn God’s ways and find peace through our relationship with him.

We thank him for his thoughts and for Gillian who prays for us.


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