Psalm 131

Have you ever wondered why certain psalms are called “Psalms of Ascent”? The hi-light of a Jew’s life was when he or she went up to Jerusalem for a festival and to offer sacrifices. Sometimes the journey was long, taking many days. It all depended on where in Israel they lived. So, as the pilgrims journeyed “up” to Jerusalem, they would sing songs to prepare them for the awesome task of worshipping God and presenting their sacrifices. These songs of preparation became recorded, learned and repeated as they journeyed together.

Psalm 131 is a Psalm of ascents and it’s easy to see what the pilgrims were preparing themselves for. To encounter a holy God, one must have the right attitude.

Here is the URL which will lead you to the Lorgues online Nightcap which contains Isobel’s thoughts on this psalm, followed by Kim’s prayers and Peter’s final summing up.

We hope you enjoy the hymns too.


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