Psalm 133

During this time, when Covid-19 appears to dictate how we live our lives, we often feel deserted, vulnerable and isolated, especially when we’re in lock-down and live alone. However, we are not alone when we share a common enemy. As human beings, we have the capacity to look above and beyond to the factors which unite us, rather than divide us. Have you ever thought it’s fortuitous that, during this time, we have advanced electronic media at our disposal – electronic media that the world has never known! Although we are physically separated, we can communicate on a level hitherto unheard of.

Psalm 133 extols the benefits of living in unity and uses similes from nature and the blessings of God to express its great value. Let’s remember that we’re united in the fight and control of this common enemy than allow it to divide us. It’s what makes us human and expresses the heart of God.

Peter, Bob and Kim present this week’s Nightcap.


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