Psalm 23

We’re all familiar with this well known psalm. We probably learned it at school and heard it read at funeral services. It’s an all round favourite because it speaks of the love, provision and protection of God in the most dire circumstances. Unfortunately, something so well known is often over looked – that is until we ourselves are in dire distress.

Peter Massey’s reflections on this psalm in this week’s Nightcap really bring it to life. Chaplain of a country area in Provence, he knows the habits of sheep and their shepherds who tend the sheep. What is interesting is that, in this region of France, the shepherds lead their sheep as they did in Biblical times, a system which is referred to as “transhumance”.

In his reflections, Peter helps us to see beyond the care of the shepherd to God’s care for us and echoes David’s sentiments in trusting in the divine providence throughout his earthly life.

Do take time to view this episode of Nightcap:


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