Electronic Books – The Benefits

How do electronic books compare with paper or hard backed books? This is a subject of much discussion and often violent disagreement. It depends on how much is read and what the reader wants out of a book. Here are a few thoughts.Electronic books are environmentally friendly. There’s no need to chop down trees or recycle old books. In this day and age, when we’re making enormous efforts to conserve and use our resources to the best of our ability, we need to tailor all our activities to that end. We have the luxury of being able to read and own books – let’s show respect to our planet when we do it.

Electronic books are quicker and easier to buy. We can download a book whenever we wish – there’s no need to wait until Monday when the shop opens. Many of us live complicated and eventful lives where we value the ‘press of a button’.

Electronic books take up less space. A multitude of books can be taken to any part of the globe in a very small packet.

They’re quicker and easier to publish. But then this has it’s down side. So much which is not of good quality is being published that it’s hard to find books of real worth. Unless, of course, you look into e-bshop’s excellent range of fiction. We invite you to do that.


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