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Some of you will be wondering if you’ll be able to go on holiday this year. Whether at home or abroad, you can enjoy our selection of novels. Although, we sell ebooks for the Amazon Kindle Bookstore, we also love watching good films which are uplifting rather than abusive. We’re wondering if any of you feel as we do. Sometimes, we want nothing more than to able to relax, read an exciting story or watch a good film. However, much that is on offer is not what could be called, “wholesome”. It may contain excessive violence, distasteful sexual scenes, blasphemy or other bad language.

If you feel as we do and would love someone to recommend a good film or ebook to help you relax during this present crisis, look out for our next article. Our first suggestion of film will be published later. In addition, if you want to help, please suggest a title, where to find it and a short review of the content. We’ll be happy to read or publish your recommendation – be it book or film.


3 thoughts on “Uplifting Entertainment

  1. I am finding it hard to select Netflix films that I am comfortable with. Even as a man I am shocked by the level of personal violence presented very graphically

    1. Thank you, Kim, for this suggestion. I’ve seen the title on Netfix and wondered about it. I’ll let you know what I think when we view it.


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