What Next?

Just over a week ago, we were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It’s a special time, associated with church services, family gatherings and Easter eggs. But, to the early disciples, it was completely different. It was a time of intense emotions; gruesome, bewildering and incredulous. Then, as the ordeal of the arrest of Jesus and the agony of the cross had subsided, they must have entered another emotional stage which we call today, “Post-traumatic stress disorder”. The overall thoughts which circulated through their minds then would have been, “What happens now?” or “Has he really risen?” There were rumours but . . .

As part of an online service, Isobel expresses her thoughts on the death and resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of one of his closest followers, Mary Magdalene. According to John’s Gospel, the conversation Mary had with her risen Lord was the first to be recorded. It’s strange story, full of hidden meaning, but all the more believable because of the facts it doesn’t supply and the questions it leaves in our minds. Her reflections can be found on YouTube.


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